About us


Company “Termoelektro-Mont Ltd.” Podgorica was founded as legal entity on December 27, 1999. 

Until 1999, the company operated under “Termoelektro Ltd.” Belgrade system, as operational unit – construction Podgorica, and up until 17th of December 2015, as a legal entity (dependent business) within the system of “Termoelektro Ltd.” Belgrade.

As of December 17th 2015 Termoelektro-Mont-u d.o.o. Podgorica has changed its owner to Termoelektro d.o.o. Brčko.

The system tradition, established 65 years ago, is obligation more for “Termoelektro-Mont Ltd.” to operate in recognizable style which was created by “Termoelektro”.

From rich field history in Montenegro, some events stands out, like build and maintenance Iron and steel plant Nikšić, Aluminum Plant Podgorica (KAP), Thermoelectro plant Pljevlja, Jugopetrol Kotor, Obod Cetinje, Celulose plant Ivangrad, Overhaul Institute "Sava Kovačević" Tivat…

“Termoelektro-Mont Ltd.” in its configuration have four operational units (Podgorica, Bar, Nikšić, Pljevlja).

What makes “Termoelektro-Mont Ltd.” recognizable in Montenegro’s public, at first, are reconstructions and regular annual overhauls of Thermoelectro Plant Pljevlja, before all because of its significance for energy system of Montenegro.

Mega projects like reconstruction of Thermoelectro Plant Pljevlja lasts up to five months, and during that period “Termoelektro-Mont Ltd.” has, for instance in 2001 and 2007, assembled and dismantled 3.500 tons of caldron equipment and made over 9.000 welds on high pressure areas.

When such activities are performed, 24 hours work day is mandatory, Sundays and holidays also, and in reconstruction some 200 up to 400 workers take part.


  • construction, maintenance and reconstruction of Steam Power Stations;
  • assembling and repairs of warm watered boilers;
  • construction and reconstruction of tanks for storage of liquid fuels;
  • construction of pipelines for flow of different fluids;
  • assembling of process equipment;
  • assembling of industrial hall;
  • assembling and maintenance of vessels under pressure;
  • welding;
  • thermo isolation of machine installations;
  • anti-corrosive protection;