Personnel and Equipment


Termoelektro-Mont Ltd. Podgorica has more than 50 full-time employees, and thanks to company is system operations Termoelektro and other related parties, it is possible, at any time, to engage any number of perpetrators, depending on the needs of business partners.
  • Mechanical assemblyman - 31 executors

               o  headman (2 executors)

               o  foreman (3 executors)

               o  highly qualified mechanical assemblyman (4 executors)

               o  qualified mechanical assemblyman (22 executors)

  • welders - 10 executors in total

               o  combination Argon-electro welder WIG/E-R IV /141/111 TBW W11 WM/B t6,3 D114,3 HL045 ss,gb (1 executor)

               o  combination Argon-electro welder WIG/E-R III/141/111 TBW WO2 WM/B t06 D70 PF PC ss nb (2 executors)

               o  electro welder E-R III /111 TBW W02 B t06 D70 PF, PC ss nb (4 executors)

               o  electro welder E-R II/111 TBW W01 B t06 D70 PF, PC ss nb (1 executor)

               o  electro welder E-B II /111 PBW W01 B t10 PF, PC ss nb (1 executor)

               o  autogenous welder G-R III/311 TBW W02 WM t04 D70 PF PC ss nb (1 executor)

  • technical staff - 5 executors in total

               o  graduated mechanical engineer (1 executor)

               o  graduated metallurgy engineer (1 executor)

               o  mechanical engineer (3 executors)

“Termoelektro-Mont Ltd.” Podgorica employs crane operators, drivers, thermo insulation workers as well as various joint services.


For all above mentioned activities, “Termoelektro-Mont Ltd.” Podgorica have objects and equipment that makes us ready for deal with most complex problems from our area of business. Let us introduce you with part of it:

Work objects

Workshop – Podgorica

Workshop – Nikšić

Warehouse area (closed type) – Podgorica

Warehouse area (closed type) – Nikšić

Warehouse area (open type) – Podgorica

Warehouse area (open type) – Nikšić

Warehouse area (open type) – Bar


Truck FAP – 8 tons

Truck Mercedes Benz – 1,2 tons

Truck IVECO – 2  tons

Van Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Car lifting jack – 27 tons

Car lifting jack – 20 tons  

Car lifting jack (Tatra) – 6 tons

Forklift – 3 tons

Electro powered lifting jack – 3-5 tons


Metal sheet folding machine (1 piece)

Table grinder (2 pieces)

Table boring machine (3 pieces)

Turning circle lathe (1 piece)

Metal sheet folding and roll-up machine (3 pieces)

Pipe bending machine (3 pieces)

Pipes end finishing machine (2 pieces)

Pipe scaffold elements (642 m2)

Pipe alignment tool (7 pieces)


Steel wire crane 3 tons (18 pieces)

Steel wire crane 1,5 tons (14 pieces)

Chain crane (5 pieces)

Hydraulic crane 100 tons (2 pieces)

Hydraulic crane 50 tons (1 pieces)

Hydraulic power unit with 6 cranes (1 piece)

Car crane (3 pieces)

Welding machine (45 pieces)

Autogenouos welding and cutting sets (27 pieces)

Equipment for anti-corrosion of metal surfaces (2 sets)

Diesel power unit (2 pieces)

Grinders, electric and air-powered (63 pieces)

Boring machine, electric (9 pieces)

Mechanical scale (Libra), various (2 pieces)

Hydraulic press 50 tons (1 piece)

Locksmiths tool (42 pieces)

Foremans tool (7 pieces)

Thermo insulation workers tool (31 pieces)

Welding cables (2.800 meters)

Cables, extended (1.700 meters)

Technical gas packaging (36 pieces)

Pumps for testing of pressurized containers (2 pieces)

Auxiliary welding tool sets (40 pieces)

Various auxiliary work and measure tools

Lifting and transport of heavy loads up to few hundred tons does not represents a problem thanks to modern equipment.

Teams of experts from “Termoelektro” system has lifted hundreds of columns and reactors in chemical industry and dozens of turbines and generators weighting from 100 up to 300 tons.

“Termoelektro-Mont Ltd.” Podgorica, not without a sense of pride, emphasizes and reminds on lifting of new generator after heavy crash in Thermoelectro Plant Pljevlja, as well as on lifting and assembly of reservoir done with special technology and system of 6 cranes of 100 tons, all connected to the central operating table.


  • construction, maintenance and reconstruction of Steam Power Stations;
  • assembling and repairs of warm watered boilers;
  • construction and reconstruction of tanks for storage of liquid fuels;
  • construction of pipelines for flow of different fluids;
  • assembling of process equipment;
  • assembling of industrial hall;
  • assembling and maintenance of vessels under pressure;
  • welding;
  • thermo isolation of machine installations;
  • anti-corrosive protection;